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Beautiful ditch

Posted on August 19, 2017 at 2:35 PM
Of course there was no power waiting for us at the new site so I had to dig a trench for the power cable. The contractor who ran the wire complimented me on it's quality and that it was a shame to fill such a nice ditch back in. (it was a good thing i was at work or I may have added the contractor before filling in the ditch).
This still did not get us power that night as an inspector would have to bless it ( and be paid) even though I was assured the contractors word was all that was needed.

Remember what I said about the advantages of working through a bad situation. We did have power that night (and for the week we waited to get city power) because of the lessons I learned then. Thanks to Jim and Jay and John I had our power pannel wired to a generator about the same time the sweat dried. You guys will never know how much you influenced my life and continue to improve it (even if you do not realize how much teaching simple skills can do) 

Categories: History of how we got here

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